Composer Kemal Yusuf  joins Naomi Belshaw Consultancy

It is with great pleasure I announce the latest addition to Naomi Belshaw Consultancy, composer Kemal Yusuf. Naomi Belshaw will be working with Kemal on a long term basis; looking at future commissions, performances and career strategy. 

Kemal's fresh and dynamic approach to genre has seen him work successfully across musical theatre, jazz, film scores, large-scale orchestral works, and Instagram live improvisations.  

Hannah Kendall Announced as final composer in residence for London Oriana Choir's five15

I am excited to share that Hannah Kendall will be London Oriana Choir’s final five15 Composer-in-Residence.  This project that I currently manage was created to commission 15 new pieces by five women composers to further promote their music, and create additional repertoire. The residency will begin in July 2021. Hannah will write three pieces, the final of which will be performed as part of a festival concert also presenting other works from the whole commission set by composers Jessica Curry, Rebecca Dale, Cheryl Francis-Hoad, and Anna Disley-Simpson. 

For more on this announcement please do check out Planet HugillClassical Source and  Colin's Column                                                                                                   

                  Keep your eye out as London Oriana Choir and I develop this project, which we plan to culminate with a day of events in summer 2022                                                                                                              

And this week my home Whisky is?

My home drunk whisky this week is from a wonderful independent bottler, Cadenhead's, one of the oldest in Scotland and a bit of a surprise of a dram. For more on this whisky and the rest of my home collection paired with classical music go to my Whisky Blog! 

Composer Dani Howard signs to Naomi Belshaw Consultancy

Naomi Belshaw Consultancy is excited to announce composer Dani Howard as the latest addition to the consultancy. Naomi Belshaw will be working with Dani on long term retainer; looking at future commissions, performances and career strategy. 

15 Questions Interview about my work at WildKat PR

Check out my recent interview with 15 Questions. Fifteen Questions is the world's first music magazine about music itself. Talking to some of the leading artists of our time about their perspectives, processes and approaches, they aim at building an extensive archive documenting one of music's most turbulent and exciting eras. Read my interview all about the mystifying world of PR and what I do at the wonderfully forward-thinking WildKat PR that has a classical music edge

Read the interview here

My Home Whisky this Week!

My home drunk whisky this week is a classic, well-rounded dram that I also mention in WildKat PR's Tasting Menu this week. For more on this whisky and the rest of my home collection paired with classical music go to my Whisky Blog! 

Naomi Belshaw takes on consultancy work with composer Shiva Feshareki and Living Room Live

Naomi Belshaw Consultancy is excited to announce new project work for internationally acclaimed composer & electronic artist Shiva Feshareki and digital performance space Living Room Live created by violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen, composer Freya Waley-Cohen and pianist George Xiaoyuan Fu

Classical NEXT  - DIY Panel for Artists and Composers


While the world is on pause, it is a perfect time to think about and plan for long term development and how digital tools can be included in our work both now and into the future.Streamed live, this session will discuss online tools for marketing and development opportunities that can be learnt about in lockdown for independent composers, performers and promoters. The panel will also explore the interplay between industry organisations and freelancers and how they affect and support each other. 

 The panel is chaired by:Naomi Belshaw (UK), PR Exec and PR Manager at WildKat, Director of Naomi Belshaw Consultancy


Matthew Whiteside (UK), composer, CEO & artistic director at The Night With... 

Maarja Nuut, singer, violinist and composer; 

James Egelhofer, project manager, First Chair Promo

Naomi Pohl, deputy general secretary, Musicians' Union 

Vanessa Lann, composer, 

 This panel is organised by Naomi Belshaw and Matthew Whiteside with Classical NEXT

My Home Whisky of the Week!

A Canadian whisky I came across at a whisky tasting at the excellent Soho Whisky Club, 3 years ago. Continuing my trail of whiskies I have on tap in the living room and choosing yet another region of the world..... Read the latest dram entry HERE

The London Oriana Choir appoints Naomi Belshaw as Project Manager of the five15 programme

The London Oriana Choir has appointed Naomi Belshaw as Project Manager of its pioneering five15 programme, overseeing the initiative through to its completion. Five15 is a project created by the choir to support and champion women composers through commissioning new works, concert programming, workshops, recordings and more, aiming to create a paradigm shift in people’s perceptions of a typical composer. Composers commissioned by the scheme include Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Rebecca Dale, Jessica Curry and current composer in residence Anna Disley-Simpson.

With Naomi’s appointment to the programme she brings with her in-depth knowledge of funding, copyright, music royalties, publishing marketing and PR having worked with composers from across the UK over the last decade. Naomi Belshaw will be taking up this position as one of her key projects within her freelance consultancy, Naomi Belshaw Consultancy, accompanying her work with composers Joseph Phibbs, Steven Daverson, Garry DW Judd, Ben Lunn and Pianist Tom Kimura. This is also alongside her part-time position at WildKat PR as PR Executive and PR Manager. 

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