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The London Oriana Choir appoints Naomi Belshaw as Project Manager of the five15 programme

The London Oriana Choir has appointed Naomi Belshaw as Project Manager of its pioneering five15 programme, overseeing the initiative through to its completion. Five15 is a project created by the choir to support and champion women composers through commissioning new works, concert programming, workshops, recordings and more, aiming to create a paradigm shift in people’s perceptions of a typical composer. Composers commissioned by the scheme include Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Rebecca Dale, Jessica Curry and current composer in residence Anna Disley-Simpson.

With Naomi’s appointment to the programme she brings with her in-depth knowledge of funding, copyright, music royalties, publishing marketing and PR having worked with composers from across the UK over the last decade. Naomi Belshaw will be taking up this position as one of her key projects within her freelance consultancy, Naomi Belshaw Consultancy, accompanying her work with composers Joseph Phibbs, Steven Daverson, Garry DW Judd, Ben Lunn and Pianist Tom Kimura. This is also alongside her part-time position at WildKat PR as PR Executive and PR Manager.